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As we pull up at the market we are greeted with smiles and curious gazes. Underneath conical hats smiles emerge, urging us to buy whatever they are selling. Since arriving in the Tiny Dragon of the Southeast, this is the hospitality that we have been receiving — friendly and helpful attitudes with not even one of being hustled.

Walking through the market, Dating sites business in hand, we get asked for photos. People laugh at the person whose photo gets taken; they laugh at us for taking photos of the still very much alive fish swimming in a tub and for not understanding what they say — our Vietnamese is limited to hellothank you and counting from 1 to Everywhere people laugh.

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There is truth in the saying that laughter is infectious. A man with a chicken on a leash comes running up to us, holding up a peace — photo ready. Husbands call us to take pictures of their wives.

And just as we are about to leave a teenage boy throws his arm around me and demands his picture to be taken as well. Although the language barrier is quite prominent thus the demand for foreign English teachers one thing is certain: a smile is understood in any language.

Background A travel blog by a married couple travelling through Southeast Asia. Chiang mai bars recently decided to pack up their lives and travel through Southeast Asia, starting in Vietnam. On the visa front the pandemic has wreaked absolute havoc and some of the effects are dealt with By Izel Kruger Depression is an illness that affects your whole body, state of mind as well as your thoughts.

It affects your eating and sleep patterns, the way you feel about yourself it greatly affects your self-image as well as the way you think about the world This klipspringer ram Oreotragus oreotragus with its thick, coarse coat, consisting of hollow, brittle hair, now and then darts across the road to impress an ewe.

The Visagies found him near the Nkumbe Lookout at the foothills of the Lebombo Mountains, on the way to Search for:. Follow us on.

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