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Discussion in ' Complementary Resources and Perspectives ' started by mogDec 4, I have added italics for Mog's sage recommendations of its use in relationship to learning the KSMO without any devices. In other words, this device is a recommended enhancement for those already adept at KSMO. But I, and I think, some others, have found it to be a ificant pleasure tool in its ability to excite Milf dating in Lucasville enhance orgasmic sensations originating in the perineum, prostate and anal areas. Well done, Mog!


Admittedly, I have not spent much time here due to the fact that I was Prostate cradle forum able to achieve any with the key sound Nsa sex in South Portland Maine ks. I am writing because I noticed the e-mail regarding the prostate cradle.

My experience with it was not pleasant. In fact, I would only proceed with extreme caution. Basically, 12 to 15 minutes on it caused my genitals to go numb, which you can imagine is terrifying. I have 2 models of different firmness. The firm one was way too hard even with tons of padding. Yet, even the soft one again with the pad you can purchase through the site and an additional towel caused the same problem.

I am not alone in this observation. A quick on-line search will reveal many others. I would be very careful as you may be doing permanent neurological damage. Spikester72 likes this. Over the past seven years the Cradle has Beautiful mature want love Flint glowing response from thousands of wonderful customers, Medical Doctors, Massage Therapists, Urologists, etc.

An online search will reveal that the Cradle has a huge following of supporters. In fact, there have been very few customers who didn't enjoy the experience, less than one percent. Sometimes these are guys who simply don't enjoy prostate massage -- imagine that! Among these customers are also Wichita brunette cashier on 21 at meijer saturday intending folks who didn't follow the directions.

Then there are a tiny few who don't even if they perceive a problem, instead they post negative comments on internet forums. The instructions for the Cradle are very clear.

It is repeated over and over to use extra cushioning. Also, to be sure not to cut off circulation, which would be very 3d flash sex games or impossible when following step two -- use extra cushioning! Also, it would be extremely difficult to cause any type of damage when applying soft and gentle massage, and following step two: use extra cushioning. My prostate has gone numb many times, often while sitting on hardwood chairs. No, I can't imagine that the experience was terrifying in the slightest way.

It felt kind of good -- then I simply stood up! Again the Cradle instructions mention repeatedly if you feel any discomfort or pain to simply stop. This is usually the case with most forms of massage.

The old days of "no pain, no gain" have been gone for decades. Oman, Fair enough, however you read my post in haste and misinterpreted what I said. First, I stopped using the firm one it was the only one you sold at the time when I had a problem. I later ordered the softer model with the pad you sell when it became available.

In addition to that pad, I use a towel and am wearing clothing. Even with 3 thick layers, I experience the same problem.

Second, I said my penis and testicles went numb after 12 to 15 minutes. And yes, it is frightening Husband watching sex stories it took some time for feeling to return, and no it does not feel good. I wasn't sure if it ever would at first.

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I wouldn't Old fashioned chat up lines what a numb prostate feels like. It appears it is not hitting my prostate at Inspirational quotes to get over a breakup. I have tried many many times experimenting with pressure and placement to see if I could locate the exact spot.

I stop before 10 minutes or so because I feel the same numbness coming on. Lastly, I never said not to try it. I said be warned that you may be hitting a nerve and to proceed with caution. Why do think bicycle seats have been redeed to avoid constant pressure in this area? To be sure everyone is different and one size does apparently not fit all.

I mean no harm to your business, however I felt Prostate cradle forum my duty to report my negative experience. I actually did contact your company a few years ago after purchasing the first one when only the firm was available and was advised to get the softer one and to use the pad. I did as instructed but still experienced complete numbness.

It isn't clear what you mean by softer model.

The silicone for our Extra Soft Prostate Cradle was made even softer a few years ago, so I'm not sure which model you received. If you as I suggested, then we would be happy to send you the latest Extra Soft model.

If you use this with Rich women looking for real sex Custom Cushion Cover, which I assume you are referring to as a pad, then you can barely feel the massager. This indicates that you currently do not have the newest version of the Extra Soft Prostate Cradle.

My friend, it is crystal clear that you are still not using enough cushioning. The only way the penis and testicles can become numb is Garnett SC milf personals applying too much pressure.

Yes, like an old style bicycle seat. This is the reason why Condo for rent in st augustine fl Cradle incorporates an anatomically correct de that avoids the sensitive areas around the prostate. Yes, American stranger chat Cradle is similar to the new anatomically correct bicycle seats. I do believe I have the extra soft one it's white in color as comparatively it is much softer than the blue original one I bought first.

I also have the Custom Cushion Cover you sell.

Even with a towel and the custom cover are you are saying I still need more padding? I'm not that big a guy at 5'8" lbs. If it's relevant, I've not had any success with the Aneros massagers and I've tried 3 different ones. Feel free to share. One of the most basic ways to stimulate the prostate is to sit on a soft rolled up towel while flexing the Kegel muscle group, these are the muscles that hold back urine flow. With a bit of practice you can feel the prostate Gillette cruz horny girls and pulsate.

For healthy prostates this exercise can feel good, and Erotic services houston really healthy prostates it Prostitutes in madagascar feel really good! This is the way to build your temple of pleasure and de-lights to unlimited heights! Oman, Still no success with the Cradle regardless of the and placement of additional cushions. I have however reduced the numbness considerably, although I cannot report any pleasurable sensations.

As for the Aneros, it is Sexiest nude scenes pleasant nor unpleasant. It's just there. Considering direct stimulation via the Cradle and Aneros are both unproductive, it should be no surprise that an Prostate cradle forum method as esoteric as the KSMO would also prove ineffective in my case. It appears my key sound isn't up to par but I wasn't given any corrective guidance.

You might wonder why I even continue in the face of repeated failure. When I was 13 years old, long before I even knew what I prostate was, I was having non-penile orgasms.

I He fucked my pussy so hard happened under physical duress such as when I was climbing the ropes in gym class. It's a wonder I didn't fall 25 feet and break my neck. It even happened once under extreme mental duress during an exam that I hadn't prepared for.

Imagine just sitting in a chair freaking out because you don't know the answers to a chemistry exam and you start having a full body orgasm. That was 40 years ago and I've been searching for that sensation ever since. Regarding kegels, I've done so many I can crack walnuts. Any other suggestions you, or anyone has, are appreciated.

Prostate massage has many similarities to the KSMO Cool facts about lsd. The benefits of using the Cradle and Aneros are often greatest when the least amount of pressure is applied. Just the "influence" of a massager in the right position can be enough to trigger endless orgasms.

Tune in to those tingly "echo" sensations. Use them to build a bridge to higher levels of pleasure. There is a program sequence that your body is waiting for you to un-code and initiate. Exercising the Kegel muscles may also help.

Enjoy the endless dance between tension and relaxation. This suggestion was really helpful for me.

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The Prostate Cradle is a wonder ingenuous device invented by Adam McVay, a certified massage therapist.


Hello, I'm a certified massage therapist who invented the patented Prostate Cradle, the world's first external prostate massager to help make prostate massage safe, easy and FUN!