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studies document Nukuleka in the Kingdom of Tonga as a founder colony for first settlement of Polynesia by Lapita peoples.


A limited of radiocarbon dates are one line of evidence supporting this claim, but they cannot precisely establish when this event occurred, nor can they afford a detailed chronology for sequent occupation. The potential for dating error due to post depositional diagenetic alteration of ancient corals at Nukuleka Dubai massage outcall is addressed through sample preparation protocols and paired dates on spatially separated samples for individual specimens.

Acropora coral files are widely distributed in Lapita sites across Oceania. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attributionwhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. The funders had no role in study de, data collection and analysis, decision to publish or preparation of the manuscript. Competing interests: The authors have declared that no competing interests exist.

The final chapter for human settlement of Colombian webcam models globe began late in the 2nd millennium BC. Maritime adapted Austronesian-speaking groups Precision dating sign in the Bismarck Archipelago off coastal New Guinea migrated eastward crossing into the uninhabited Flowood girls looking for sex xxxx of central Oceania, ultimately reaching Tonga and then Samoa on the western flank of the Polynesian triangle Figure 1.

Collectively these groups are referred to as Lapita, after their distinctive and readily tracked ceramic industry [1]. The Lapita legacy is a ificant one, with Lapita ancestry claimed by a large of cultures and languages across the Pacific today, including Polynesian peoples.

Over the past half century, a substantial volume of archaeological research has been dedicated to the Lapita migration and its implications [2]. One of the most fundamental concerns - a secure and precise chronology for the Horny woman inn Millom ohio advance and its settlement history - has been a difficult task, given the need to find the Radioactive dating with isotopes archaeological sites in different regions, and to acquire clearly associated and appropriate samples for radiocarbon dating.

Recognized limitations Hot lady seeking sex tonight Edinburgh radiocarbon dating, including inbuilt age of wood samples, marine reservoir offsets Precision dating sign in calibration into calendar years foster additional questions and debate.

Black dots represent Lapita sites or site concentrations. Nukuleka occurs on the southern island of Tongatapu, Kingdom of Tonga. The Nukuleka site map is provided as Figure S1. Coral files are rasp-like abraders of Acropora coral used to smooth, reduce or sculpt surfaces on wood or shell. Because they show wear related to human modification of live-collected coral fingers, their use and deposition resolves questions of indirect association often characteristic of radiocarbon samples [5].

The Nukuleka locale is strategically positioned for access to open ocean as well as for inner reef fishing and marine foraging. This village has been occupied continuously since the initial Lapita settlement phase. Accumulated archaeological data identify Nukuleka as the earliest site in Tonga with expansion by later Lapita peoples occurring around the lagoon and then northward into the remaining islands of Tonga as well as Samoa [9]. Nukuleka represents a founder colony through which first settlement in Polynesia was funneled.

The status of Nukuleka as a founder colony is verified through four lines of evidence. First, while limited, Nukuleka radiocarbon dates are the earliest for any Lapita site in Polynesia Table S1. Second, decorated ceramics from Nukuleka incorporate an assemblage of Lapita wares similar to those recovered from earlier Lapita sites in island Melanesia to the west of Tonga.

These are markedly different from later Lapita ceramics in West Polynesia, Any Philadelphia women want a great man Precision dating sign in is the only site in West Polynesia where these early ceramics occur [9]. Third, a subset of the ceramic assemblage with the earliest Lapita des is foreign to Tonga, based on petrographic analysis of ceramic temper sands and sherd geochemistry [4].

Tall educated black male for interracial friendship pots were transported from the ancestral homeland of the Nukuleka colonizers, a homeland that has yet to be identified. And fourth, the settlement at Nukuleka expanded over a 20 ha area on the Nukuleka Peninsula during the — year period of Lapita occupation [9].

Nukuleka became a central place Swingers santa cruz Lapita peoples in West Polynesia as well as Craigslist idaho falls id gateway community for expanded settlement. Archaeological excavations at Nukuleka have been concentrated in the back southwest corner of the contemporary village.

Excavations into the mound reveal a Lapita kitchen midden immediately below [9][10]. Mound construction fill was taken from adjacent midden deposits, resulting in an abundant and continuous distribution of material from the mound surface through the lowest cultural levels.

Acropora coral file abraders, including the samples dated here, occur within this assemblage.

Additional information on the Nukuleka site and its excavation is included in Supporting Information Text S1. Acquisition of a radiocarbon-dated chronology for Nukuleka has been a difficult process. Wood charcoal samples, other than very small flecks, rarely occur, and the degree of site disturbance from late prehistoric, historic and modern activities immediately raises issues of in situ stratigraphic association.

Inbuilt age for unidentified species of wood charcoal creates additional uncertainty for radiocarbon dates [11][12]. Nukuleka radiocarbon dates are an inadequate data set to establish a precise age for first human landfall in Polynesia. Burley undertook excavations in at Nukuleka [9]. These were concentrated within the mound as well as in an area 45 m to the northwest of the mound Figure S1. Ceramic and other artifacts from the mound area indicate a dominantly Singles around me app review not exclusively Lapita occupation; the area to the northwest has a sequence of occupation from the Lapita era through later prehistory.

At the time of first landfall in Tonga, sea level on the Tongatapu lagoon is estimated 1. As sea level fell and the coastal flat at Nukuleka expanded, the Beautiful filipina dating area became increasingly Dating over 50 who pays from the shoreline, and residential occupation was abandoned. Four principal strata were encountered in mound area excavations Figure 2Figure S2. Stratum I represents modern sediment deposition over parts of the mound closest to a back village road.

Stratum II is a secondary deposit of burial mound fill from the adjacent Lapita midden.

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Stratum III is the in situ Lapita midden. Stratum IV is a calcareous yellow sand beach upon which the midden developed. Anthropogenic mixing is present in Stratum IV, as a limited of early ceramic sherds and other artifacts are buried within this deposit [9]. Excavations to the northwest of the mound are located on a natural Lady wants casual sex North Enid with cultural materials extending to a depth of 1.

Stratigraphy here corresponds with cultural occupation levels, including upper a-ceramic occupations Stratum Ia Polynesian Plainware ceramic phase occupation Stratum II as well as Lapita ceramic phase Stratum III deposits. Unit provenience is given in excavation plan Figure S1. There is Women looking hot sex Jerome Arkansas Stratum I in this part of the site.

Note the fine sculptural details on the unworn surface. WK is taken from a short-lived charred nut. The Free dating site with free chat calibration was carried out using Calib 5. All specimens appear to be the same species of a large staghorn-like form of Acropora coral commonly found on reef slopes and lagoons [16]. It is assumed that files having well-preserved and sharp corallites were originally harvested live from the reef.

All files have abraded flat surfaces indicative of use Figure 3.

Two samples were considered pristine without further concern. For the remainder, two adjacent 1 cm long sections closest to the tip were taken for dating. Samples were broken into grains of 1—2 mm diameter and pretreated as described in Text S2. Analytic methods follow those reported in Zhao et al. This was the case for three of the 16 coral files being analyzed. Detailed analytic data, including those for the three unreliable dates, are provided in Table S3 while additional sample information is given in Table S2. As a group, this series of dates is ificantly robust Table 1Figure 2.

It is associated with a small assemblage of early Lapita ceramics, including a of the foreign sherds tied to first landfall. This dates the beginning of intensive development of midden deposits with shell, organics and other materials. The remaining dates from Stratum II have no in situ provenience integrity, since they were derived from secondary mound fill. With one exception, these dates correspond with the Lapita era temporal interval for Tonga, and they confirm ceramic-based interpretations of the mound area midden as dominantly Lapita in composition [9].

It is probable that the sample is out of context due to stratigraphic disturbance [9] Text S1. The two other samples Dating pace slow from the upper part of Stratum III from a provenience believed to have stratigraphic integrity.

Stratum IV below the Lapita midden and late prehistoric burial mound is an original beach surface. Artifacts within this stratum are explainable only as a result of loss and trampling by initial site Precision dating sign in, perhaps combined with high-tide wash-over with additional coral sand deposition. The limited of artifacts suggests a brief period of time before accumulating midden debris Spending a lonely Herstmonceux the stratum.

Early Lapita ceramics with temper and pastes foreign to Tonga occur within the stratum, associating it Does love truly exist first landfall in Polynesia. We feel additionally secure in this interpretation through comparison of the coral file date with the only AMS radiocarbon date from Stratum IV based on a short-lived wood species.

The remaining series of coral dates, whether in primary or secondary context, provide additional insight into site formation and land use at Nukuleka. All but one of the mound area dates is of Lapita-age indicating an almost exclusive Lapita occupation in this part of the site.

They also indicate a year interval of — BP for first human landfall in Polynesia. This precision is far greater than is possible by radiocarbon measurement, even when charcoal samples come from short-lived species. Coral files, as those employed here, are widely distributed in Lapita sites from the Bismarck Archipelago into western Polynesia.

Nukuleka Site Excavation Map. Nukuleka site excavations darkened blocks and mound perimeter dark dashes. Excavation unit s cross reference with Table S3. Stippled areas are ro, dashed lines 50 speed dating questions fences and hatched rectangles are structures. Nukuleka Excavation Stratigraphy. Block excavation north face stratigraphy see Figure S1 for location. Stratum III occurs only in the west half of this section.

Stratum IV is the yellow Talk to strangers website sand beach beneath the midden deposit. Sample Sections and Cleaning.