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A couple of years ago I married a wonderful woman after living with her for a few years. I am a man in my 70s, and my wife is a few years older than Alex newell sexuality. She has been living far away from us and visits three or four times a year. My sister-in-law never paid any unusual attention to me until my wife and I married.


It is just weird, really. And not only does it happen once in the Torah, it happens three times.

Twice Abraham passes Sarah off as his sister [Genesis ; ] and once Isaac passes off Rebekah as his sister Online personals dating ]. The motivation for this rather odd act is fear.

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Why are the patriarchs passing off their wives as their sisters? The explicit reason given in the text is fear for their own lives, but the deeper question remains of why the Torah includes such an unflattering portrayal of Do short men like tall women patriarchs.

A second and perhaps more challenging question is why the motif repeats itself three times. The location of the stories in the Torah makes the question of motivation even more problematic. Each wife-as-sister scene occurs directly after God has made some pledge of prosperity to the patriarch. Some modern commentators have made a similar type of claim, though. Abraham asked Sarah to tell the Egyptians that she was of this special class, and the Egyptians understood this legality and did not harm the couple.

This theory does not explain the wife-sister motif. It strains credulity to believe that these stories were initially not about deceit because the kings in each story respond as if they are being deceived. He should have trusted that God would save him and his wife and all his Dating sites mobile payment for God surely has the power to help and to save. His leaving the Land, concerning which he had been commanded from the beginning, on of the famine, was also a sin he committed, for in famine God would redeem him from death.

It was because of this deed that the exile in the land of Egypt at the hand of Pharaoh was decreed for his children. Because the scenes appear so repetitive, one could say the biblical author is resorting to a formulaic motif to show couples getting married, but in fact far from formulaic, the How to stop being lonely when single author is showing a nuanced literary sensibility.

Alter claims that the way to interpret these scenes is to determine how the scenes differ from each other; this may give some insight about the biblical character. When Moses meets Zipporah, he gets into a fight with the other shepherds, the only scene Lakeport 420 friendly stud looking there is a fight.

Utilizing this same literary technique in viewing the wife-as-sister scenes offers some intriguing insights. The scene where Isaac passes Rebekah off is perhaps the most difficult of the scenes because it directly interrupts the flow of the biblical narrative.

It occurs in the middle of the stories about Jacob and Esau and seems to be completely out of place. The narrative seems to move back in time, because there is no mention of Jacob and No reg chat rooms and yet we have just had Tvs dating scan scene where Esau sells his birthright.

Looking at all three scenes, as Alter suggests, we see that the dramatic difference between the Isaac-Rebekah scene and the other two scenes is that God does not intervene at all. Why does this scene in particular not have God in the scene? Each of these scenes is about deception.

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In the other two scenes God reveals the deception. He is about to be deceived by his son Jacob dressing up as his son Married wives looking sex Mid Bedfordshire. God will similarly not be present in his life to tell him the real identities of his sons.

This scene appears just before the akedahthe aborted command to sacrifice Isaac, which is another scene of deception.

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God intervenes here through Abimelekh, just as God will, in short order, intervene through an angel and a ram. To the contrary, one might assume that he should have been held able for his deception. Similarly we find in the akedah that Abraham is rewarded for deceiving Isaac; he receives no chastisement as much as the reader would like to know how he could not have told his son the truth.

But we are reminded here that a divinely ordained deception will work out with divine rewards. Working back to the first wife-as-sister scene Genesis 12the outstanding difference is its setting; this scene takes place in Egypt while the other scenes take place in Gerar.

Abraham in fact goes down to Egypt when he has just been told that the land of Canaan Villa run condos springfield ohio going to be his inheritance. God intervenes to show Abraham that his rightful place is back in Canaan. The wife-sister acts of deception fit into this general motif and each scene uniquely foreshadows the future deceptions which befall the biblical characters.

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