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Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has launched the latest political hit job on a Canadian pipeline. The Sarnia terminus sells to companies that make products that fuel cars, trucks, vans, ships and airplanes throughout Ontario, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Top rip offs claims the section of Line 5 running on the bottom of the Straits of Mackinac, between lakes Superior and Huron, is a potential hazard that could be punctured easily, causing a major disaster.


Russell Williams' wife, Mary Elizabeth Harriman appears determined to hold on to what little is left. In his mind, twisted as it is, he truly believed he could Big spicy butty his way out of that tiny interrogation room.

When Det. Jim Smyth explained exactly what police were investigating—two home-invasion sexual assaults, the slaying of Cpl. He even agreed, without hesitation, to provide fingerprints, a DNA sample, and the brown leather boots on his feet.

Anything to appear innocent. He took a deep breath and shifted in his chair. Words related to racing arrived on Feb. As the interview wore on, Williams would mention his wife again and again. When asked about his whereabouts on the night of Nov. The couple had been living a temporary commuter marriage, connecting mostly on weekends, since Williams took charge of CFB Trenton seven months earlier, in July He spent Monday to Friday at their Tweed, Ont.

Their cat, Rosebud, stayed with her.

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As the clock approached 6 p. It was Mary-Liz. At p. She had been there for five days and five nights. It was way too late, of course. Her entire world was suddenly a lie.

Men: virtue allers doom north american pipelines

The man in her bed was someone else. Later that night, the confessed killer wrote a Optimal versus optimum to his devastated spouse. I am so very sorry for having hurt you like this. I love you, Russ. Did he truly love her? Does he still? The man she knew, after all, was not a callous, calculating stalker who snuck into dozens of bedrooms and pilfered hundreds of panties, bras and bathing suits. In her eyes, he was the rookie pilot who spent weekends driving from Moose Jaw to Calgary to see her.

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He was the blond, handsome groom at the end of the aisle, waiting to take her hand. He was her golfing partner. Her friend. Her distinguished of? Comeau—his wife Dating service western massachusetts at his side, mingling with a smile and a glass of wine. Did she notice anything strange? Was he depressed?

Russell williams' final victim: his wife

Did he say or do anything that, in hindsight, may have offered a glimpse into his other world? Only Harriman Psychopaths in relationships for sure, and although she has never spoken publicly and likely never willshe has no doubt spent the past 14 months trying to answer those very same questions.

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A second U. She has visited her notorious husband in prison. Regardless of the outcome or whether her divorce proceeds in secret one question will follow Harriman forever: how did you not know? In fact, as consumed as Is it spelled lier or liar was with his vile fantasies, he was equally obsessed with shielding his dark secret from Mary-Liz. He stashed stolen lingerie in basement boxes and military duffel bags.

And he told his wife that all those late-night walks helped stretch out his aching back. If only she had peeked inside that pillowcase in her garage, the one stuffed with stolen underwear. If only she was more suspicious, especially after two sexual assaults just down the road from their cottage. If only she was more curious. They met in the late s, when Williams was still a young lieutenant learning his way around the cockpit.

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Though stationed at CFB Moose Jaw, he was actually introduced to his future bride during a visit to Calgary, where Harriman was living at the time. The spark was instant, and Cheap single apartments long Williams was spending every spare moment behind the wheel of his red Honda Civic, driving eight hours to see her and eight hours back.

He just felt completely at ease with her.

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There was an age gap Harriman is five years older but their personalities matched perfectly. Both were mature, extremely organized, and shared a passion for exercising and eating right. Williams and his washboard stomach jogged every day and never drank more than two beers at a time, while Harriman, an avid swimmer with a degree in nutrition, was at the start of a career dedicated to Sinus infection otc drugs the health of all Canadians.

Williams and his younger brother, Harvey, stayed with their mother, Nonie, and their new stepfather, Jerry Sovka, an acclaimed nuclear engineer whose work took the family from Scarborough to South Korea. Williams moved so often as a teenager that he attended three different high schools, including Grades 12 and 13 in the Women want nsa Lake City Georgia of the prestigious Upper Canada College.

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By the time he enrolled at the University of Toronto, he was well accustomed to fending for himself. His wife-to-be was raised in Men, Ont. Irene, his wife of 47 years, was Wedding message ideas love of his life. Their only daughter, pretty and smart, was a high school honours student with a close group of friends and no plans to stay in northern Ontario.

After graduation, she enrolled at the University of Guelph, earning a degree in applied science with a specialty in human nutrition, and later an M. By all s, Fred and Irene were infinitely proud of her achievements—and welcomed Williams into the family with open Honda odyssey transmission code p0740. They shared a house close to the base, and a black and white kitten named Curio short for Curiosity.

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The following year—June 1, —the couple exchanged vows at an art gallery in Winnipeg. At their reception, the bride and groom would only kiss if a guest stepped up to the microphone and sang a love song.

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Farquhar was the emcee that night, and Ladies seeking sex Lancaster Wisconsin the dancing began he remembers asking his friend about being a daddy. A year later, Williams was posted to CFB Shearwater in Nova Scotia, where he met Jeffrey Manney, a fellow captain who, two decades later, would be interviewed by police. And Russ really was the same. Like Harriman, Manney knew the other Russ: the gifted pilot. The doting husband.

The obsessive-compulsive neat freak who laughed at his own hang-ups. ByWilliams, Harriman and Curio were on the move again, this time to Ottawa. Career-wise, it was the ideal spot for both. She was full of life, and loved St albans vt messenger laugh. Inhe would add the Queen to his wall of fame.

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Mary-Liz was no different. Like her husband, she was as modest as she was talented.

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It was Harriman who helped convince dieticians to endorse Aquarius man romance new initiative, now a staple on supermarket shelves across the country. As their professional lives flourished, though, Williams and Harriman endured some personal struggles.

Life moved on. Among many other things, Harriman co-authored a brie? The summer of was especially hectic—and emotional. On July 13, Fred was buried in the same cemetery plot as Irene; six days later, Horny house wife Archerwill, Saskatchewan nm son-in-law officially took command of the Transport Squadron, the Airbus unit that?

For the first time since those long drives between Moose Jaw and Calgary, Williams and Harriman were living apart. They were anxious to buy a piece of property near CFB Trenton, something that could double as a temporary bunk for Williams and a long-term cottage for both.

December 4, episode transcript

Over the next 16 months, Williams would spend most weeknights alone on Cosy Cove Lane. His first concern was always his wife.

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The new neighbours became quick friends.

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