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Jump to. It is crucial to raise public awareness of Cerebral Palsy for many reasons, including to fund research efforts and to help educate the population at large. Effective publicity may also help correct any unfair negativity surrounding Cerebral Palsy with a forward-looking optimism. What many people might not realize is Free phone sex personals several of these stars have close connections with Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities. By hearing about a disability like Cerebral Palsy from celebrities, it helps to normalize the condition and communicate that they, too, can be affected in one way or another by disability.


Most people see someone with cerebral palsy and automatically assume they have an intellectual disability. Did you know that most people with cerebral palsy have an IQ that is equal to or greater than the average person?

Read on to learn more about cerebral palsy and those people who have soared in life with it. Cerebral palsy affects how the body moves and muscles work.

Cerebral Palsy affects movement in the arms, legs and overall body. For example, people with cerebral palsy may appear to be stiff or move jaggedly and sporadically. Given the fact there are different Dating website for aids victims of cerebral palsy and variations of each, no two people have the condition in the same way.

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Most importantly: Only a very small of people with cerebral palsy have intellectual or mental challenges. In short, the vast majority only have physical symptoms.

RJ Mitte has a ton of credentials to his name. On his YouTube channelAnner highlights the challenges of navigating life with cerebral palsy with humor and positivity.

9 famous people with cerebral palsy

Galleries across the nation have shown his paintings. In addition to painting, he also starred in the Oscar-winning documentary short King Gimp.

Keplinger has used his platform to motivate others. Bonner Paddock became a famous athlete after being featured in the documentary Beyond Limits. From competing in the Ironman Triathlon to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro summit unassisted, Paddock has defied all perceived physical limitations of a cerebral palsy diagnosis.

In honor of cerebral palsy awareness month, here are five famous people who just happen to have cerebral palsy

Overpeople live with cerebral palsymaking it the most common childhood motor disability. Yet society overall has misconceptions about the disability.

Society often treats people with cerebral palsy as if they have an intellectual disability. We need to change this view — and you can help! This is dedicated to the cause and features inspiring stories and updates.

Wear green for the rest of the month to show your support for Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month. Grab your favorite green shirt and post a picture on social media of yourself wearing it. When you post the photo, include a fact about cerebral palsy to help spread awareness.

Most often, people with cerebral palsy have an equal or better IQ than the average person. Transitional Skills Center.

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Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that affect a person's ability to move and maintain balance and posture, but that hasn't kept these nine people from achieving great things.


People with cerebral palsy have gone on to be famous actors, athletes, musicians, and even beauty ant contestants.


s of the illness usually appear in early childhood but s and symptoms can vary drastically between individuals.